Top 5 Bluegrass Songs For Christmas Holiday

bluegrass christmas song

Christmas time may be the most expected wonderful time for everybody. With a holiday, music cannot be absent, but how many of us will choose classical music? Indeed, this kind of music brings holiday spirit rather than the others, but it is not the trend of young listeners.

However, if your mood is more “If We Make It Through December” and less “Joy to the World”, I’ve got just the fix. Here are the top favorite bluegrass Christmas songs all the time, hope that it can bring you in the holiday spirit.

The Best Bluegrass Christmas Songs

1. Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem

Have you ever heard this song? It is one of the most fantastic Christmas songs with Appalachian roots. This song is attributed to A.L. Phipps of Knox County in southeastern Kentucky.
Many famous singers such as Rhonda Vincent, Larry Sparks, and Patty Loveless, have recorded it, but the classic version by Ralph Stanley from 1977’s Clinch Mountain Gospel is still assessed as the best record.

2. White Christmas – Larry Sparks

White Christmas is performed by Larry Sparks, who sings the heck out of this holiday classic. It seems to have a tear in his voice and his guitar. There are only two instruments on the track; they are bass and guitar, but this makes his bluesy solo all the more noteworthy.

The Best Bluegrass Christmas Songs

3. I’m Going Home; It’s Christmas Time

When talking about the favorite classical theme sound for Christmas, most people will choose I’m Going Home; It’s Christmas Time. Perhaps, there is no better choice rather than this song for Christmas because it brings a warm feeling, expresses the miss of the family.

Although the lyrics are relatively simple, they are heartfelt and sincere. Maybe you can feel or not, and I tell you the sentence I love most in this song, “Dad has trimmed the Christmas tree, and the pathway home, it welcomes me.”

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4. Christmas Time At Home

You can easily find this song in Rhonda Vincent’s Christmas albums. Christmas Time at Home has more acoustic country melody than most of the other songs. In this song, the author wants to present a hopeful feel, and a catchy list-style chorus will be stuck in your head throughout the holiday season.

5. The Friendly Beasts

The Johnson Mountain Boys is one of the most famous bands in bluegrass. Their “The Friendly Beasts” song gives Christmas a story with a different spin in traditional carol.

It is a sweet song, especially for kids. Many kinds of animals gathered at Jesus’s birth to share the contribution on that memorable night. The sheep made a blanket; the cow provided a manger, etc. Children will love this song because of the funny melody and the easy-to-learn lyrics.

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In summary, they are the best bluegrass Christmas songs that get high rankings in the list of X-mas songs. Hopefully, you and your family can find the songs for the Christmas holiday.

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