Top 10 Classic Bluegrass Songs Of All Time

Classic Bluegrass Songs

Who does not like classic bluegrass songs? This genre of music is always a specialty of the American. Being known since the 1940s, the Bluegrass still attracts a lot of music lovers nowadays.

In this article, we will list the top 10 classic bluegrass songs of all time. Let’s see which tracks are your favorite!

General Information About Classic Bluegrass Songs

The classic bluegrass songs are a special type of music of the American. In the 1940s, the famous music band “Bill Monroe and Blue Grass Boys” introduced it for the first time. For many years, this type of music has made a huge impression on music enthusiasts around the world.

In fact, Bluegrass connects so many melody genres together. As a sequence, we can feel that the Bluegrass is a perfect combination of English, Scottish, and Irish traditional tunes. After a few years since this genre was released, it was also affected by the African-American blues and jazz.

Top 10 Classic Bluegrass Songs Of All Time

How Mountain Girls Can Love – The Stanley Brother (1959)

The Stanley Brother is one of the best bluegrass bands in the world in my opinion.The 2-minute track was composed by them in 1959. As the song became famous worldwide, its album sales skyrocketed.

The melody of this song is quite fun and simple. You can easily remember the lyrics after hearing only one time.

Molly And Tenbrooks – Carver Boys (1929) / Tom T Hall (1965)

This song is also known as “The Racehorse Song”. It was first recorded by Carver Boys in 1929. At this time, the song associated with the name “Tim Brook”. In fact, this song became so famous that is was remade and recorded many times. One version that you should hear is by Tom T Hall In 1965.

Foggy Mountain Breakdown – Earl Scruggs (1968)

The melody and the lyric of this song were created by Earl Scruggs. Being released for the first time in 1949, this song became a hard-to-play song that every Banjo beginner wish they could be able to play someday.

Having a very fast rhythm, this song will surely set an energetic mood for you.

Old Home Place – J. D. Crowe (1975)

The Dillards has written and recorded this song for their album  “Back Porch Bluegrass” in 1963. With its attractive melody, this song made a significant impression on the American during the 1960s. However, until 1975, the J.D. Crowe covered the song one more time, making it one of the best classic bluegrass songs nowadays.

I Don’t Believe You Have Met My Baby – The Louvin Brothers (1955) / Jerry Douglas (1992)

“I don’t believe you have met my baby” has become a hit since it was released by The Louvin Brother. Until 1992, the singer Jerry Douglas introduced a new version of it to the public. If you are a bluegrass lover, you can’t resist singing along with these two versions.

Little Maggie – The Stanley Brothers (1994)

This song became popular after being released in the Appalachian area in the late 1800s. Although there are many remade versions of it, we recommend you to hear the 1994 version performed by the Stanley Brothers.

I’ll Fly Away – Albert e. Brumley (1929) / Alsion Krauss (2000)

This song was written in 1929 in a quite bizarre situation. On the way to the cotton fields, Albert E. Brumley imagined herself being a part of nature and written the lyrics. Due to the interesting background of this song, many singers and music bands have covered it. A cover version, which is as good as the original, was performed by Alsion Krauss in the year 2000.

The Ballad Of Jed Clampett – Paul Henning (1993 ) / Flatt & Scruggs (2002)

This song was used as the opening song for the TV series “The Beverly Hillbillies” in 1993. Being written by Paul Henning and sung by Flatt and Earl Scruggs, this song became very popular. In 2002, Flatt and Scruggs played this song at a live show. Until now, the bluegrass lovers still fall in love with the 2002 live record.

A Voice From On High – Bill Monroe (1954) / The Stanley Brother (2004)

The original of this song was composed by one of the best bluegrass artists of all time, Bill Monroe, in 1954. Till 2004, The Stanley Brothers played it again, proving that this song never runs out of trend.

Rocky Top – Osborne Brothers (2008)

Rocky Top is famous with 2 records in 1969 by Lynn Anderson and in 2002 by Phish. But if you seek the best record of this song, we recommend you hear the 2008 version by Osborne Brothers


These tracks are wonderful, right? Have you found your favorite songs on this list?

If you are keen on hearing more beautiful classic songs, follow us on our website. We always update the new best classic bluegrass songs.

Now, thanks for reading!

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