Where To Find Free Bluegrass Backing Tracks?

Bluegrass Backing Track

Tell me you are struggling to find the best free bluegrass backing tracks on the Internet but still have no positive results.

Well, you are in the right place. This article will show you where to find free bluegrass backing tracks and the top websites you need to know.

However, if you are a bit new to this topic, let us make clear of some necessary information before going through the websites and picking your favorite tracks.

What do you know about a backing track? How do people use these tracks? And for what do you use them? Let’s find out the answer now.

This device is to play free bluegrass backing tracks

What is a backing track?

Find Bluegrass Backing Track

A backing track is an audio record (on audiotape, CD, or digital recording) of electronic musical instruments (mostly synthesizer) or bare accompaniment. This is a part that a musician or singer cannot play along with or sing along to at a live performance. So, they record the rhythms and sounds into a CD (or audiotape) to playback by the audio player.

What do we often record for backing tracks? A string section, horn section, choir parts, bass, drum, or keyboard sounds, etc. It’s impossible to play the instruments to create these effects when you have limited group members, or you are a one-person band.

What if we don’t use backing tracks? Well, then you must hire a music band to add essential sounds or music parts at your live performance, which costs very much. If you are a solo singer without any group, you cannot sing and play the instruments at the same time. The backing track is here to help, support, and reduce the cost for you.

For what do we use a backing track?

First, a backing track is beneficial for a singer or a one-person music group. It helps the musicians add extra vocal or instrumental tracks to the performance as they cannot do themselves on stage.

Second, backing tracks allow you to practice for yourself without asking an entire bluegrass band to play. It helps you play to a rhythm part and learn to improvise on a harmonic progression.

Thus, backing tracks are useful for both performance live and home practice. Well, in the term of bluegrass music, it shows the benefits more clearly as this genre requires many instruments. Let’s see where you can find free bluegrass backing tracks.

Where to find free bluegrass backing tracks?

As you may know, bluegrass music features acoustic string instruments. So if you want to practice, play alone or with a small group of people, a bluegrass backing track is here to help you.

It gives you sounds, the music of many other instruments to enhance your sound, and make you more creative. But where can you search for bluegrass backing tracks? If you are an amateur and cannot record backing tracks yourself, you should refer to other pieces of music first. Here we go.

#1. Free Bluegrass Backing Tracks

Free Bluegrass Backing Tracks

Guess what? Who is willing to share efforts, knowledge, and products to you for free? If you don’t know, then here is this guy – Simon Mitchinson – a banjo player.

Free Bluegrass Backing Tracks is totally a free website that offers numerous bluegrass backing tracks. This is a valuable source for those who want to practice their instruments. As this guy is an expert on banjo, most records feature banjo and fiddle tunes in various keys. And you should feel rest assured of the recording quality.

An excellent website for free bluegrass backing tracks

What features does he offer?

Speed options: you can increase or slow down the speed of each track by 5%.

Loop on/off: this feature allows you to replay the track if you like it.

List of tracks below: You can choose the record conveniently on the below list, change, and replay if you’d like.

Though there is a “Donate” button at the end of the page, you can access any track without paying any fee. Let’s enjoy and have your own favorite thanks to the unconditional contribution of Simon.

If you looking for lyrics or chords, make sure you check my bluegrass lyrics and chords resources.

#2. Youtube

No doubt!

Youtube is the biggest source that you can find anything in the world. However, let us recommend some of the great channels that offer the best free bluegrass backing tracks.

BBT Bluegrass Backing Tracks

Tom Strahle

Elite Backing Tracks

Above are the three most popular channels providing free bluegrass backing tracks that you can access on Youtube. There are over a hundred records from these channels with various keys. Let’s enjoy it.

#3. Jaxta

In fact, this is a music website that recommends music from Spotify and Apple Music. However, it offers a delightful list of music and tracks that you cannot dismiss. Bluegrass music is also an exciting genre that people search and find on this website.

Let’s check this list for a tremendous number of bluegrass backing tracks: https://jaxsta.com/release/90c77178-4c91-4db3-91d0-a1fd380b4a21/3f12a289-66c9-4218-a792-d7a5987b4cbe/overview

You should also know that the records on this website will direct you to Spotify or Apple Music. Thus, you must have an account to use these apps.

Final words

Now you know where to find free bluegrass backing tracks for practicing or performing. Above are all reliable and qualified sources that you can pick and play bluegrass backing tracks.

Oh, you have more websites to enjoy beautiful bluegrass backing tracks?

Don’t hesitate to share them right now!

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