International Orders

For international delivery, higher shipping and handling costs require that a shipping & handling (S/H) surcharge be added to the cost of purchase.

To find out what the cost is for your region, click on the appropriate link below.

For example, an order placed from Great Britain for a DVD would have a total cost of $33.45 (including international S/H). This represents the domestic US cost of $24.95 plus the standard $4.00 S/H charge, plus an overseas S/H surcharge of $4.50. The DVD will show as costing $29.45, plus $4.00 S/H. Different regions of the world will thus have different item costs, since the overseas S/H surcharge varies from region to region.

If you don’t find your country or region listed below, please choose one that is close by; shipping charges are likely to be the same. In the unlikely event that the S/H surcharge differs substantially from what you have selected, you will be contacted. If you do not see your region, please email us; you may be the first person on your continent to order BLUEGRASS JOURNEY!

Please choose one of the following:


Europe (incl.: Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands, Switzerland, others)



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